STAKEHOLDER One Health Malawi Summary List Displayed as a Interactive Netmap Tool

If you would like to have better control and view the map in its
own browser tab, click here.

Use the 3 ZOOM buttons (top right of screen) to

  • + Zoom into the map
  • - Zoom out of the map
  • Zoom to fit the map

Use the BUTTONS (top center of screen) to

  • See only part/s of the legend
  • Select multiple buttons to see how the legend layers link to each other

The legend (bottom left of screen) shows the OHMW legend layers

  • 01 = OHMW which is the top of the pyramid
  • 02 = Foundations required to hold up OHMW
  • 03 = Strategies required to have these foundations in place and operational
  • 04 = Main topics being undertaken in Malawi towards the OHMW objective
  • 05 = Sub-Topics
  • 06 = Known projects in Malawi that are specifically focused on OHMW objectives
  • 07 = Known projects in Malawi that are specifically focused on OHMW objectives, or so they say
  • 08 = Known OHMW / SDG actual activities that specifically list and describe how and what they connect to qualify for OHMW / SDG recognition on this website and netmap
  • 09 = Official research papers for, or within, Malawi for OHMW / SDG objectives, in full or part thereof
  • 10 = Reports, presentations and concepts for, or within, Malawi for OHMW / SDG objectives, in full or part thereof
  • 11 = OHMW related events, conferences and workshops
  • 12 = Actual attendees of organisations (07) that have attended OHMW related events, conferences and workshops (11)
  • 13 = Oganisations that have OHMW / SDG efforts or activities in Malawi, but have not reported to this OHMW website for linking/display in the netmap
  • 14 - News articles from OHMW organisations

Default view

The default map view has icon "colours" and "shapes" activated to make it easier to use the "Legend" displayed at bottom left.

Icon "size" is also activated meaning that the icons are sized according to degree of relevance, in other words, the more an icon is connected to other icons by way of linkages (research, presentations, activities, etc), the larger the icon becomes. This way, icons that demonstrate "maximum effort or compliance" to the One Health Malawi initiative, are automatically made larger.

Example setting adjustment of icon size

For example,

  • "t" to open settings menu
  • Style
  • Size by "degree"
  • From "0.5" to "5.5"
  • "x" to close settings menu

will resize the icons according to the connections they have.

  • Then select button 7 - "Organisation"
  • Icons will overlap each other
  • Press "o" to auto space icons
  • Click "Zoom to Fit"
  • (Unclick button 7 to reset spaced icons then click "Zoom to Fit" )

Other functions

  • You can click and drag icons
  • Hold your mouse over a specific icon to see its immediate connections (you can also click an icon, then click "focus", then click the up or down arrows to see connections further away)
  • Clicking an icon will show its data
  • "s" = search

Looking at the "Organisation" icons, the larger ones have more relevance. When using "degree", this relevance is defined by what it is connected to. It does not mean it is irrelevant, it means relevance according to association, or linkages.

In other words, an "Organisation" will be larger in size when it has more associations to other icons. This can be interpreted as a very active organisation in the One Health Malawi project.

In this example, you can see the "PHIM" icon is one of the larger icons, compared to the others. This suggests that PHIM is more active than other organisations in the One Health Malawi project.

This suggests a few things, such as:

  • it is more active in the project
  • it may need help for it to be run better, or, it may not need help because it is doing such a good job that it may be able to help others to do better
  • it plays a central/important/influencing role in the Malawi One Health project (and because of this, it should be audited more often than others)
  • it must deliver "results" because many other icons rely on it, and if this icon fails, then so will the others